Saturday, March 31, 2012


Awkward/Awesome moments of Africa

I know of a blog I used to check up on on a regular basis, which is where I found this brilliant idea of awkward/awesome moments of the week.
This trip has been awesome. Super awesome.
But there have been some very awkward times since being here. So here's a bit of both.


-The sunsets and sunrises.. obviously! So divine.
-Getting ready for outreach! We're leaving tomorrow (Sunday, March 31) for our first 2 week outreach. Looking forward to it!
-I can’t complain about the currency here for us; a latte evens out to be about $2 and a delicious meal of a chicken burger, fries and veggies is $4 in our money. Being the frugal person I am, it's pretty nice!
-Seeing legit One for One Tom’s! They are real, and fantastic quality! Buying more Toms asap when I go back home:)
-Can I just say that using a real toilet, eating cold fruit and any food other than potatoes has become quite the luxury and is actually awesome?
-July weather everyday. Obviously.
-I would have to say that everyday is just plain awesome.. it’s just what I get when walking in synch with God! But God does have a sense of humor, yes He does. Therefore there are some awkward moments too.


-Behold, I have learned not to bow my head in prayer when I am half asleep. I have found that it results in subconsciously falling asleep, and drooling. Even when prayer is ended. Yep, that happened.
-May I just say that beans two times a day, every single day results in it’s own awkwardness? It does.
-The Africans finding pictures on my laptop that me and my sibs sniped back at home. Wedgies, double chins and straight up weirdness. How do I even explain that?
-African children teaching me how to say “How are you”. Oh wait, let me correct myself! African children teaching me how to say “I’m going to beat you” while I THINK it means “How are you”. Clever little stinkers!
-Suggesting to one of the African girls that we should do a clothes swap, and being told that it wouldn’t work because I’m too fat for her clothes. Oh thanks, you know, I won’t even mention cultural differences.. that was just flat out rude now!! But not really, I understand the culture difference that fat is good here. It just stings. Ouch..

I can't wait to tell you of all the great and wondrous things God will do during outreach! I am sure and confident that we will discover great things and have faith building testimonies after this time. 

God is great, his people are great and walking in his plan is great! Loving life like never before.

PS... Can I just share this incredible bed art pieces?? I've found i'm the only one in my room who ISN'T doing this everyday... it really must be an African thing. Pretty impressive.


  1. The description of your awkward moments is hilarious! I love God's sense of humor especially when it is directed toward someone else :),
    Praying for you and your team as you leave for your first outreach. Love you, Emilie.

  2. Praying for you all the timmeee! Love to hear all your adventures, and stories.. pictures too. :) We should talk on the phone again soooon ;) Hope you are having the time of your life.. love you.