Sunday, March 25, 2012


Never in my life have I felt so gloriously filled with the fullness of joy that is poured into the depths of my soul.

Never in my life have I been so abundantly poured into with such unexplainable and divinely touched love that cannot possibly contain itself within me.

Never in my life have I felt such a genuine sense of belonging; never have I had these eyes that can peer into the depths of my soul, and allow me a great sense of knowing that the solid rock I stand on lays the sureness and discovery of who I am.

And never would any of these sweet revelations be even mine is it wasn’t for the blessed assurance and nearness of my Savior like I’ve never experienced. Never have I known just how simply close the Creator of the universe is to me; never have I quite sensed the burning desire my God has to sweetly and gently pour into me and renew my spirit with his unconditional love daily.

Never did I know until this day that the sweet simplicity of resting in his presence is where I am filled with these things; where his very hands cleanse my soul and his very voice whispers secrets into my ears that are eternally mine.

Never will I be who I was yesterday.

Never will I be the same after this day.

Never will my mind conceive what new things my God longs to create into being tomorrow, that will be mine forever.


  1. Lady,

    You're beautiful. What He's doing in you is beautiful. Your words bring me to tears. And dang, you're a good little writer if I do say so myself!

    I love you dear friend. You bring me more joy than you know. Amazed. <3

  2. Kaylee is right, you are an amazing writer! I look forward to reading your blogs every weekend. They fill me with so much JOY! God is doing an amazing work in you, Emilie.