Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Update

Quick quick post while I wait for my bota-bota here at a cafe! (Motorcycle taxi pretty much.. so fun.)

Within this last week, we've learned a pretty rad african dance, and a skit which I'm sure some of you have seen on youtube; "Everything" by Lighthouse. So powerful. We'll be performing both of these throughout the outreach phase of our trip.

On Friday, we walked about 20 mins to a small town called Kaikira to do our first crusade. I guess you could say it is like church on the streets; we set up sound on an open area in the middle of the town, start out with dances, then a message, alter-call, then do the skit. All while being able to be with and talk to the people of the village. Kaikira has a lot of witch craft going on, so it was awesome to go and minister to the people despite the difficulty of language barriers. Out of the maybe 100 people watching, about 8-10 people came up to get prayed for, and a handful of them got saved. It was wonderful!

I can say, however, that this week has had numerous obvious attacks from the enemy. One could have been actually quite serious. It's amazing how once you start taking steps to do great things for the Lord, the enemy immediately meets you with one of his uncreative little schemes. So what do we do? We stand confident. We stand as a united army together and intercede against darkness, and walk with sureness that we already have the victory and nothing can stop us. How great it is to walk with no fear! To be sure and confident that we're walking in the path that the Lord has already prepared for us, and nothing can stop us! Every attack from the enemy so far has ended in bringing greater glory to the Lord, and has worked together for our good. God is great! Can't wait to tell you more! Love you all.

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