Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some small updates...

Hello world! I'm getting on here really quick to update you all on my trip and days here.

I am attempting to learn the language here! For the whole first week here, an African friend of mine would purposely ONLY talk to me in Luganda... I came to find he was trying to teach me his language. Well, mr friend that is NOT working! So slowly but surely I am learning!! These are the current words in my vocabulary:

Come here
Pound it
I am hungry
How are you
I am well

I feel like this random assortment of words that I know are actually a simplified version of my vocabulary generally everyday. I can't seem to remember any other words.

Concerning my daily schedule, days are pretty busy. Here's how they generally look Monday through Friday:

6-7 am- Quiet time with God... this is where the magical sunrises take place... oh such sweet times! Minus the bloodthirsty annoying mosquitoes!!
7:30 am- Breakfast. This is usually tea, two rolls and a banana.
8/8:30 am- Worship/Prayer.
9:30 am-This time is usually dedicated to prayer and needs as a class. This is also the time that a student gives a 10 minute sermon/word to the class. That 10 minute sermon rotates with every student throughout the school.
10 am- Lecture. For lectures there is one teacher for the week, and one topic for the week. The first week was hearing God's voice, this last week was about sin, repentance and forgiveness, and this next week will be about the Holy Spirit. There is plenty of time for ministry and meditating on the words spoken.
11 am- Break tea. We drink tea, and eat bread, and fruit and refresh for a bit.
11:30 am- Lecture again. This is usually the continuation of the first lecture.
1 pm- LUNCH! What a glorious time!! For lunch is usually varies between matoke (green bananas- it's just like mashed potatoes) or potatoes, beans or pasta, and usually g-nut sauce. (Pretty much peanut sauce) So yummy!
2:30- Small groups. For this time we've just been hearing each other's testimonies. It is wonderful! We start actual small groups this week. That is nice because It has been very very long since I myself have been IN a small group, not leading one. I am excited for the growth in this! They're co-ed which i'm a bit iffy about, but it's something new which I'm looking forward to!
3:30-5:30- Chore time! Work duty is only Monday, Tuesday, and Friday .. but on Friday it is at 6:30 am. Yes, it is painful. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I wrote next to my name on the chore request list, "Put me anywhere and everywhere!". I believe I was put into the job no one really likes doing; slashing. It really is as vicious as it sounds. I would describe it as African mowing. For this job i was literally given a machete type tool in my had and was told to just slash the tall grass in a massive field. And so that is exactly what I do for an hour and a half straight! it's tough work and I have massive blisters from it.. but I LOVE working hard with my hands! I do all my laundry now by hand and many other things.. it takes much more time and patience but I absolutely love it.
6:30-Dinner time!! Same plate as lunch usually but we are treated sometimes with cabbage and or sweet potatoes. So yummy. There is always pineapple for dessert.
8:00 usually rotates between dance rehearsal for outreach (SO FUN), worship, movie nights, or free time.

There are my days! Weekends are completely free and open, that is very nice. Otherwise the weekdays are pretty busy.

Sorry if that was vague or if I had typos, I had to write something for all you really quick! Love you all! Otherwise all is WONDERFUL!

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  1. You did an excellent job describing your "routine"!!! I feel peace that you are being very blessed... Singled out by God to experience blessings and adventures that very few of us get to experience!!! Thank you for the writings!!! I love you!!! I'm already looking at recipes to celebrate your return!!!